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Emamectin benzoate

Product Name: Emamectin benzoate benzoate
Category: Insecticide
Technical & Formuation:
Emamectin benzoate benzoate 95% TC
Emamectin benzoate benzoate 10% WDG
Emamectin benzoate benzoate 5% WDG,
Emamectin benzoate benzoate 20 g/L EC
Non-systemic insecticide which penetrates eafl tissues by transaminar movement. Parayses the Lepidoptera, which stop
feelding within hours of ingestion, and die 2-4 dat. For contro of Lepidoptera such as armyworm, boworm, cutworm,
coe moth, cabbage
caterpiar, Mite, Prodenia itura (Fabricius) and so on harmfu insects in many kinds of crops including vegetables, fruit,
brassicas, cotton, tobacco and pine trees.
Emamectin benzoate Benzoate 95% TC
Items Index
Appearance White or off-white powder
A.I. content, % 95% Min.
Emamectin benzoate benzoate 5% WDG
Items Index
Appearance Off-white granue
A.I. content, % 5% Min.
pH 5-8
Suspensibiity, % 70%
Wet sieve test (75um Sieve), % 98%.
Emamectin benzoate benzoate 20g/ EC
Items Index
Appearance Light yellow liquid
A.I. content, % 20g/ min.
pH 4-8