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Product name: Carbendazim
Category: Fungicide
Technical & Formuation:
Carbendazim 98% TC
Carbendazim 80% WP
Carbendazim 50% SC
. Systemic fungicide with protective and curative action. Absorbed through the roots and green tissues, with translocation
acropetay. Acts by inhibiting development of the germ tubes, the formation of appressoria, and the growth of myceia
Contro of Septoria, Fusarium, Erysiphe and Pseudocercosporea in cereas; Scerotinia, Aternaria and Cyindrosporium in
oiseed rape; Cercospora and Erysiphe in sugar beet; Uncinua and Botrytis in grapes; Cadosporium and Botrytis in
tomatoes; Venturia and Podosphaera in pome fruit and Moniia and Scerotinia in stone fruit.
Carbendazim 98% TC
Items Index
Appearance White to light brown powders
Content of a.i. ≥98 %
Loss on drying &e;1.0%
Carbendazim 80% WP
Items Spec.
Appearance Homogeneous oose powder
Content of a.i. ≥80%
Wetting time &e;90s
Wet sieve (through 44µm sieve) ≥96%
Suspensibiity ≥60%
pH 5.0~8.5
Carbendazim 50% SC
Items Index
Appearance Fowabe suspension liquid
Content of a.i. ≥50%
Suspensibiity ≥90%
Wet sieve(through 75µm sieve) ≥98%
pH 5~8