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Product name: Azoxystrobin
Category: Fungicide
Technical & Formuation:
Azoxystrobin 97% TC
Azoxystrobin 50% WDG
Azoxystrobin 250 g/L SC Introduction:
Is a fungicide with protectant, curative, eradicant, transaminar and systemic properties. Contro the foowing pathogens:
Erysiphe graminis, Puccinia spp., Leptosphaeria nodorum, Septoria tritici and Pyrenophora teres on temperate cereas;
Pyricuaria oryzae and Rhizoctonia soani on rice; Pasmopara viticoa and Uncinua necator on vines; Sphaerotheca
fuiginea and Pseudoperonospora cubensis on cucurbitaceae; Phytophthora infestans and Aternaria soani on potato
and tomato; Mycosphaerea arachidis, Rhizoctonia soani and scerotium rofsii on peanut; Moniinia spp. and
Cadosporium carpophium on peach; Pythium spp. and Rhizoctonia soani on turf; Mycosphaerea spp. on banana;
Cadosporium caryigenum on pecan; Esino&eum; fawcettii, Coetotrichum spp. and Guignardia citricarpa on citrus;
Coetotrichum spp. and Hemieia vastatrix on coffee.
Azoxystrobin 97% TC
Items Index
Appearance Light yellow powder
A.I. content, % 97% Min.
Insoluble in acetone, % 0.5% Max
Azoxystrobin 50% WDG
Items Index
Appearance Off-white granue
A.I. content, % 50% Min.
pH 6-8
Suspensibiity, % 80%
Wet sieve test (75um Sieve), % 99%.
Azoxystrobin 250 g/L SC
Items Index
Appearance White liquid
A.I. content, % 250g/ Min.
pH 6-8
Suspensibiity, % 90%
Wet sieve test (75um Sieve), % 99.9%.