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Raw materials
All raw materials suppliers are under review and audit, all materials must be going through sample analyzing, sample
tryout and signing quality guarantee agreement before becoming a qualified supplier of lochem.

Production process control
Lochem has a complete production workshop system based on superior production equipments and the design by
experienced National Chemical Design Institute. The whole process is controlled by advanced system such DCS.

Superior analyzing instruments and strict calibration system
Lab facilities and instruments, includes: HPLC, GC, Particle size Analysers, KF analyzer, PH meter, whiteness analyzer, melting
point analyzer, spectrophotometer, etc. Lochem established a whole set of automatic calibration system for analyzing
instrument and authorize technical supervision and management department to calibrate the instrument periodically.

Strict Internal standard
Lochem establishes stricter internal specifications to control product quality and ensure all the shipments be near zero
rejections and zero claims. Exchange with customers for analysis technology periodically and frequently.

Lochem retains control samples for all its products for two years for re-evaluation, and /or a complaint raised.